Good used on board chargers for those nimh trucks still out there ..  $600 buy two so you have a spare ....

If there is any parts you are looking for just ask we probably have it in our large selection of parts ............................

Ranger EV parts For Sale

Traction Inverter Modules

Good used power steering pumps

We have lots of parts available for purchase I will add the pics... interested in purchasing some needed parts contact us either Nathan or Myself by email listed on home page and we can help !!

Looking for replacement caps $5 if you lost one

Very Limited amount ....   $2650 Each

PTC assembly

we can custom build you a complete spoof board... new wiring and BCM combination for $899 you get it all done for you and you can install it in just a few minutes ....

IOM Module Very rare if you have a NIMH truck you should have a spare one impossible to find ...


IAA Module runs a lot of things in the dash have some good tested ones available ....

$199 plus shipping ..................

How about a complete charging port with cover .... custom bracket assembly and a j1772 receptacle easy to install as a unit and ready to start charging with the newer j1772 chargers in less then an hour of your time ...........

​$299 plus shipping and you can do it .......

Lead acid fan assembly $150 if you just need the fan

just $50

Only have a couple of these ABS modules

$450 each as long as they last

Air conditioning pumps used $250

IMC air conditioner module .. a lot of trucks don't have air conditioning because this unit fails so if your does not turn on your compressor this is most likely the culprit

$500 and cool air is back again

There is way too many parts to show them all but we will try and get them on the list......

Good low mileage used motor assemblies takes about 4 hours to change one but worth it if your pump assy keeps putting you into limit mode

How about a good used vaccum pump just $49

BCM assy.  a absolute must to have a spare

HVPDB box assembly good used ones

Current special Price $800 Plus Shipping

or buy 2 - $500 each

Probably does not go out a lot but I do have a few of them $50 these are special to the ranger ev only as far as I know

Limited but good ones !!   $300 each

$950 plus shipping best buy around!!

DC to DC Converter $500 hard to find as good as this one

Looking for a good used drive shaft assembly

$300 each limited supply

Good amount of contactor Boxes always have a spare one of these !

$800 each or buy 2 for $600 each

Special price for larger buys!!

$150 each cable usually is the problem easy to replace

Heater not working ? can be the blend door motor or

IT could be the PTC assy.


Original Brand NEW motors available ...

Is your door assembly broken?  $85 for whole assembly

I have a good amount left

Super Price at $500 each

buy 2 for $400 each