charge to 4.2V discharge to 3.0V

Charge to 4.10V discharge to 3.0V

Charge to 4.0V discharge to 3.0V

Charge to 3.90V discharge to 3.0V

16 Volt Module Test

8 Volt Module Test.

Chevrolet volt cell tests

I have purchased 3 different cell packages that are supposed to all be LiMn2O4 cells and I want to compare them to see if there is any differences ..  I have a 8 volt module that says made in Japan ... I have some 16 volt modules not sure where they were produced supposed to be in the United States and the new chevy volt cells that I have in 24 volt and 48 volt and 96 volt modules they are supposed to be produced here in the united states in the Holland Michigan cell plant .................

I will use the Powerlab 8 Cell Pro test equipment to Discharge the Cells and charge them back up and it will display the total amp hours available at the charge voltage and discharge voltage ...  for these tests to make them the same for comparison I am charging with 15 amps and discharging with the standard 25 amp discharge ............

LiMn2O4 cell comparison tests