drove it up to have it repainted round trip of over 160 miles with no problems at all this is just like brand new and is starting with a truck that only had 4000 original miles on it .... super nice truck with everything we could throw in it ......

Wired up the front of lower pack assembly

Jumped up and installed the new 5kw orion charger can controlled works great!

Setting cells in pack to test and get them ready for wiring and hooking up.

First we picked a dead Ranger ev and cleaned it up will send it in for painting once its done ....

We also did another one with a matching trailer had it all repainted and it now is driven daily out of salem oregon he drives down to have breakfast with me all the time ...

very ...very nice truck .................

now were getting close the Orion all wired into the system .... time to move up to the top pack

Hooked up the amp update kit for the gauges to be full all the time since we will be driving by the new bluetooth system and the torque program

200AH Ranger EV upgrade 

Jumping right in changed the contactor box wiring for the new on board charger we will be installing

original bcm assembly in place and wired up with a new cable and spliced in the needed wires for orion etc..

Wireless obd2 system wired in we are getting closer and closer

Received 2 sets of 200ah cells to get ready to install in the trucks

added stereo system torque program and new tires

Wow getting close everything runs so lets get a cover on the bed 

Hooking up custom extension cables and testing to make sure everything is ready for installing

These are sold as 180ah cells but the tests all come in at over 213 amps very impressive

Not to bore everyone upper to lower pack cabling etc. all installed .... added bcm ............... and a new Orion to take care of the pack while charging and will equalize the pack as needed .....

We wanted to build a truck that would have a 150 mile plus range for those that need a longer range truck just because they can ....  Nothing is cheap but this truck finished is still cheaper then buying a new style electric vehicle and these trucks have everything most people will need ...............................